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no minds - : - evolution cannot help

And, returning,
God pronounced happiness at an end:
How can you mirthful feel,
when cruelty and pain, hatred
pervade all you can recognise as real
are not even your sisters sacred?"

And, falsely crying,
man renounced his world of pleasure
"With so much zeal and committee effort
we will redivide and spread our bread
upon the plain. No more shall poverty cavort
in our brother's home: Go, your light is fairly shed!"

A thousand years; of turning leaves and winters
shall pass over my efforts to change my sight
But no alteration of my organs of vision make it any better
a thousand steps circling about my neck so tight

And, after efforts forgetting
Jesus did shine down to teach
"One thread lost leaves one remaining,
your souls are damned unless you save your own.
Take my name, your cross, not senseless craving.
My bitter hope is shock: you should see your soul!"

And with this
God entered again, slumber.

Knowing full well that pain breeds from survival,
struggles of homo reflect in arts of sapiens.
The words differ, but no concept splits good from evil.
Continue! My brothers and I will finish our planet raping.

268/79 (9/25/79)

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