Random Thoughts


a dizzying battle
fought on a granite bluff
jagged edges scraping through
time's blunting blows

the hand to hand grapple
between a man and his searching eyes
the deep grip of self awareness
clawing at his sanity

the first defeat suffered
finding he was not perfect like his God
in misery at his eternal failure
he saw his life spent repenting

recouping his losses
he stood tall over the fallen corpse
his God lying dead, proudly: "I am human"
(the highest rational order to date)

another day another problem
he sighed, and cried when confused in circles
not knowing what he was or where
ephemereal or automatoreal?

"but no, I'm both," he cries
yet not knowing how to reconcile these poles
learns of his faith in Time and Free Will
and worships once more the abstract

174/79 (6/23/79) - 1 AM

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