Random Thoughts

      I am not what you see before you;
      not an accumulation of maladies,
      a stack of slightly injured nerves
      and stale ideas passed along

      I am something more difficult
      a glimmer which I once noticed,
      hiding behind the shadow of an eye
      keeping tabs on me; trading places

      I have an idea I once found
      another thing to label I - that labels me I too!
      A thing empty yet furnished
      decorated with empty walls and cupboards

      Which it is, me, or that which does the naming;
      may not entirely matter, for both note that
      as I select from my life, what matters most is
      what I let fill up that space inside me

      Another glimpse, the eyeball inside itself
      inner but not inside, a landscape not in a place
      close by, but out of reach; and sometimes,
      no distance between me and myself at all...


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