Random Thoughts

Winter (Lost Her Too)

And as you lay sleepless
You thought she had left you
You felt you had nothing
One and one no more two

Your life would lack flavor
All your dreams black and white
The sun could not heal you
In this air cold and dry

Your days would be hollow
And the nights emptier
The simplest of habits
Would remind you of her

Her smile it would haunt you
In mirrors of your mind
Her eyes they'd torment you
You'd have nowhere to hide

No refuge to run to
And no place to retreat
Where she had not loved you
You can't face this defeat

And as you lay shaking
All alone in the night
You knew you had nothing
She'd given up the fight


This adaptation dates from 4/14/18
The first person original was written 8/25/17
There is also an interpretation in the third person
This one might be my favorite of the three.
But I am not quite sure.

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