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When you unravel a mystery you uncover a beauty previously unseen.

Has our better understanding of the inner workings of the atom or the distant extents of the cosmos spoiled our enjoyment of either? Does our knowledge of the utility and function of a flower cease the delight we take in its scent, its color, its seasonal recurrence?

Of course not. In my quest to unravel the mysteries of life do I seek to destroy with understanding?

Of course not. If I succeed I may make life harder for some, for those who might try to relearn or unlearn their old ways, but the explication is necessary to fully travelling the path. Not to know the entire map, but to recognise its symbols. To understand our selves is to see their beauty and their pain in full relief, without distortion or shadows.

To understand love, to know more accurately the stuff of life, both trivial and transcendental, is only the way to love and live more fully.

We all want this, don't we?

8/13/00 - 5 AM

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