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You think people suck? That they are "losers?"

So go into a roomful of them anywhere - and tell them! One at a time, face to face, instead of sneering at them behind their backs - and see for yourself.

They are just like you and I. They love, they hurt, they try to live and be happy. Our genes are almost all exactly the same, our minds have the same structures, our skin exposes the same nerves to the same harsh world.

If you want to stand back and "people watch" remember you are one of them; you know as little about them as they know about you, from just watching. Clothing - is it a clue? How? What about those who are out of "uniform?" What about those who got their outfit "wrong?" What about those of us who often travel incognito? Gestures, body language and facial expressions do not tell their secrets, do not let you in on how superior you are - they vary so much by locale, timing and mood - they may be mimicking another, even acting out their opinion of you!

Confront your detested enemy and (with apologies to Walt Kelly) you will find yourself in a mirror.

Remember, no matter where you go, there you are - the common taste to these experiences that have taught you to judge people as if they were knowable from a distance - is you and they way you have known people in the past.

People are beautiful. It is their living out the terrible lives they feel forced to choose between that ruins the effect all that beauty could have.

8/13/00 - 3 AM

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