The spirit which is borne within us
    which we adopt, play host to, even call our own
    returns to whence it came upon our death
    (or even upon our lack of hospitality - for we meet so many
    who lack spirit, and so very few who truly overflow)

    But it does not remember us at all
    memory is an attribute of flesh and time
    No, as it leaves this corporeal symbiosis
    it leaves behind the brushstrokes of the flesh
    (memory, yes; pain, yes; joy, sadly; ego, yes, that too.)

    For the sense of self is borne of solitude and separation
    and cannot permeate that which does not exist in space and time
    Your carefully nurtured piece of the infinite
    is no more immortal than your eyes or your hair
    (if you keep it in unsuitable style it will cut itself off!)

    Although your soul no more dies
    than do the atoms that compose your flesh,
    like them, it will no longer be part of you...


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printed 30 January 2023
© Huw Powell