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1994 - 2004
Obstructed View: Ruins
ruminations on recurring themes of
decay and decrepitude

2017 - 2018
Obstructed View: Lost and Found
Waltzes and Other Love Songs

2020 - 2021
Orange Box & Pepper Drops
a song about the end of the world
and some filler

Obstructed View: Introviolet
It's Darker on the Outside

2021 - 2022
Obstructed View: Victory Is For Lovers
sentence fragments and the
craft of conversation

Obstructed View: Carbon Copy
All Love Songs

Obstructed View: Selling Senses
being is concealing

Obstructed View: The Pause
for refreshment

Obstructed View: Eldorado (Standing Still)
(Standing Still)

Obstructed View: Kinetic Sculpture
elements in motion

Obstructed View: Ceilings and Cellars (Windows and Doors)
(Windows and Doors)

Obstructed View: Midnight Crisis
point-to-point wiring

Obstructed View: Death of a Daffodil
(A Further Fantasy)

Obstructed View: Zero Hour

Obstructed View: Banned in Bleach
 An Isolation Ward

Obstructed View: Before (and After)
Before (and After)

2023 - 4
Obstructed View: civilisation
Look at those Pyramids!

Obstructed View: barbarism
they're all locked in one place

Obstructed View: Less Personal
More Obscure

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Human Thoughts is a collection of my writing. These essays, poems, and songs are my attempts to (mis)understand life - and perhaps have fun doing it.

They range in tone from intense to distant, gentle to harsh, and simple to pretentiously intellectual.

In my conversations, many topics and issues get all jumbled up in the flow. I see this not as a sign of disorganization but as evidence that all subjects are interconnected. So this site is my conversation with you.

I think it is time I added the classic disclaimer: "Any similarity to persons, living, dead, or in between, is unintentional". Seriously. While it is obvious that many of the works offered here are deeply autobiographical, and some seem to be tied closely to people who have spent time and made an impact or imprint in my life, the art of poetry involves using fiction to tell the truth. If a line is improved by changing it from a direct observation of reality, I change it. At the most personal, this means that if you find a piece that seems to be about you, and a few parts don't seem "right", or something seems to be beyond what you knew of my thoughts or feelings, I might have made it up. The rest is perfectly accurate. I love you all. - Huw, 4/23/18

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This is a hyperbook. It does not really have an order - there is no page one, middle, or ending. You are intended to wander randomly among the Thoughts, and follow the occasional links between them.

As you read the Thoughts, the following options are always available:

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"Random" will whisk you off to a randomly chosen piece. The big purple "THOUGHTS" logo will always bring you back here. "Indexed" presents access to slightly more organized ways to explore my writing.

There are direct links between some Thoughts that share common themes. You may find your "back" button handy to return to the file you just left. The file names in the sorted listings will change color (from dark green to dark purple) to reflect where you have been, so you can always figure out what you have not read yet.

Even if you find the "Random" process unsettling, I urge you to try it - it's supposed to be part of the fun.

Note: The randomization function is rather simple. It will sometimes consecutively return the same file, and it repeats files before you have read them all. This could be viewed as a feature, rather than a bug, by rereading the piece, as if you were "meant" to.

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Creating this site may be fun at times, but it is also work - my life's work, you might say. You are certainly free to enjoy my efforts without cost. However, if you find what I have to say interesting, provoking, or useful in any way, you can (and should) help to support it.

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I am always curious to find how (or if...) my writing has affected you. You can read these files in private, or discuss them with your friends, but you may also feel like complaining directly to me.

If you find yourself struggling to understand something I wrote, it is more likely due to a lack of clarity on my part rather than ability to comprehend on yours. For any such failings I apologize in advance, and I ask you to let me know if something seems unclear to you.

At the bottom of every Thought, you will see a small "envelope" icon which you can click on to email me. Here is an example, in case you have any general comments:

typos? comments? mail me here

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Ownership and Reproduction

All the works presented on this site are copyright, © Huw Powell, all rights reserved.

Permission is hereby granted to make single, printed copies for personal use only - provided the www.humanthoughts.org address and my copyright notice (at the bottom of each file) are included on the copy.

Nature of Content

The works on this site are my uncensored thoughts. Some of it might be considered "adult," or even sophisticated. I think that a free exchange of ideas is the province of all humans, so there is no reason to limit access to this project.

  • Profanity is minimal or nonexistent. since it is unnecessary.
  • There is rational and passionate discussion of sexual issues.
  • If you are religious you will surely encounter blasphemy.
  • If you toe a political party line, you will think I am an idiot.
  • And lastly, if you are patriotic, you will find a scoundrels refuge.

If something I have written makes you uncomfortable, don't just go away - try to examine why you feel that way.

Thank you.

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