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Obstructed View: Before (and After)
Before (and After)

These are demos of my current work, created to document and assess musical ideas, and to help decide what to work on next.

The song titles are links to the lyrics, the dates are when I wrote them, and in parentheses, the recording presented.

Note: This and the previous album, Banned in Bleach, are intended to be a separately purchasable double album, and right now material is somewhat flowing back and forth between them. So I am mostly keeping that songlist page up-to-date for now. This one is slightly populated, though It opens with the intermission number.


00: When I'm Sixty-Four John Lennon and Paul McCartney, original recording 12/6-8/1966 (11/16/23)


21: This album should open with Teenage Girl but I did not move it yet. At least not here.

22: You Want This 11/13/23 (11/13/23)

23: Infraction 11/13/23 (11/13/23)

24: Outside a World of Fear 11/21/23 (11/21/23)

25: One More Time (We Should Be) 11/18/23 (11/22/23)

27: Everybody Everywhere Everything 11/20/23 (11/23/23)


33: That wintry allegory

35: Love Diffusion 10/21/23 (10/27/23)

All songs written, arranged, and performed by Huw Powell
Copyright 2023, all rights reserved

Technically, a "demo" is either a rough idea for a song brought to band practice, or a home-made or low-budget recording submitted to a record company. These lie somewhere in between, since I have neither a band nor a record company.

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