Random Thoughts


      don't ever leave me again... someday
      don't come back until you're ready
      but don't stay away a moment longer than that

        a year is too short;
        a month too long
        stay with me forever - someday

      tell me instead, why it is that you waver
      do not be afraid to share
      let us cohabit our private hells

        a life is too short;
        a second too long
        stay with me forever - now

      there are no second chances in life
      just elongated stories
      healed wounds and forgotten pain

        together lingers too short;
        and Alone is so long
        stay with me forever - today

      it takes time to hold another soul
      time is gruesome in its revenges
      but time is so patient in its healing

      1/19/03 - 4:20 AM

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