Men! She spat, as if we would all understand, as if we would share her contempt and anger, which surely could only be directed at one or two individuals, of her recent acquaintance...

Men - who did not conform to her ideal? Who in their just and reasonable humanity did not bow to her command, her desire - who could not conform to her needs!

Men? As a class no more a unity or type than women. To have in common some supposed cruel way, some antagonism against all they pursue? No!

Men, she sighed, again thinking that she spoke of all, when truly she speaks of herself and her skill in seeing desire for herself, and desiring that above all.

Men, who dominate the night, wanting only what any woman needs! To foresee and foretell the path toward fulfillments of their own desires

For this we begrudge them their silent pain?

printed 9 December 2023 - © Huw Powell
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