It Was Raining

    in the high school gym I was amazed at all the things I saw
    big bang tribes there roasting their deep fried dinosaur
    facing fascist chants and guides
    the gasping curious not taking sides
    where bumbles watch while trying out their budding taste for war

      I was dreaming I was dying
      and I couldn't find the door
      I was dreaming you were dreaming
      we were waking up for more

    sleep tight stay safe tonight from this random grisly slaughter
    I've been curious about the cinematographer's daughter
    corrupted moose killing caribou
    at the concrete castle's commanding cue
    camera toting tourists come to taste our tannic waters

      I was dreaming it was raining
      I would open up my eyes
      I was dreaming you were crying
      I kept waking to your sighs

    prototype or archetype stop copyright the news
    take twenty-seven syllables and line them up by twos
    a carelessly chosen category
    another pointless allegory
    on this trip you'll mostly mourn the metamorphic blues

        I didn't find the restless city enough to eat last night
        but I thought I found her fifty dollars light
        she unfolded in my hand a crumpled cocktail ticket
        better redeem her now before this gets too wicked

      I was dreaming it was raining
      and I couldn't find the door
      I was dreaming you were leaving
      when you woke me up for more

    I woke up this week all day with gently screaming clouds
    sleeping light no I just dreamed them getting much too loud
    freshly thawed fantastic thoughts
    wrap them up so finely wrought
    in my dream I called your name and we took these bastards down

      I was dreaming... it was raining
      I would open up in time
      I was dreaming you were dreaming
      and we woke up side by side

    Written 11/29/04 as "Dinosaur Dreams", or something like that.
    Heavily reworked in April 2021, dated 4/20/21 as "It Was Raining".

Obstructed View: IntroViolet

Demo - 2021 05 11 second of two cold takes

(notes about the song)

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printed 26 November 2022
© Huw Powell