Random Thoughts

I made a song from these words in April 2021 and called it "It Was Raining".

Please make a note of this and change your archives accordingly.



    sleep tight and safe tonight from slaughter
    I've been talking to your sons and daughters
    corrupted moose killing caribou
    at the castle's commanding cue
    taking Nikon toting tourists across the water

    in the gymnasium I was amazed I saw
    big bang tribes there roasting dinosaur
    chanting fascism's facing sarcasm
    across a curious fearful chasm
    extraterrestrials test their strength for war

      I was dreaming it was raining
      and I kept opening my eyes to the sun
      I was dreaming you were leaving
      and I kept waking up to your smile

      I was dreaming I was dying
      and kept realizing I still had to live
      I was dreaming I was dreaming
      and kept waking up to another dream

        archetype or prototype - which original are we?
        to be symbolic of an allegorical category,
        placed there for all mankind to see --

        or the crumbling wreckage of a clumsy idea
        nothing but a crude warning to take up the rear?
        ah, be forewarned, and escape this fear!

      I didn't feed enough
      dreamscapes to eat last night --
      but I thought I found
      a fifty dollar bill
      which unfolded in my hand
      a bar ad and beer coupon
      redeem it now before it's gone!

    I woke up all day with screaming clouds
    not sleeping lightly, I just dreamt too loud
    freshly bought fantastic thoughts
    always seem so finely wrought
    and in my dream I woke up and wrote this down


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© Huw Powell

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