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A little idea occurred to me the other day, while ranting about how at the end of each month my calendar gets awkward to use since the days of "next week" are buried under the sheet for the current month. I remember how the scheduling blotter at the auto repair place next door was set up - Thu/ Fri/Sat across the top half, and Mon/Tue/Wed across the bottom. This allow them to tear off (or fold up underneath) the early part of the week when it is over, so the beginning of the following week is easily accessed on the next sheet.

So if our calendars worked that way, the days would be shown from the bottom to the top, so the bottom half could be torn off (on a pre-perfed line?) halfway through the month making keeping track of one's life (or lack of it) so much easier!

Alternatively, for wusses or those terrified of change, the calendar could be glued/stapled together at the bottom of the month instead of the top. serving basically the same function.

I'm too busy or lazy to try to patent this idea and bring it to market on late night TV, so I figure by telling as many people as I can about it maybe it will catch on and I won't have to lift (another) finger in order to start enjoying the fruits of my idea.

Ready by 2002 with any luck, just in time for the new thirteen month division of the year!?


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