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Key: E

Tempo: Medium fast, with gusto and punch.

Guitar and sound: Worked very well with Harmony hollow body, distorted through amp and miked for string sound.

Current recording was fatboy Stratocaster, miked at amp and six feet away for some string sound and ambience.

Main verse: E (at 7 fret) - A (at 5) - E (at 7) - B (at 7), four beats each, syncopated "as written." This is all there is to the song. Two of them for the intro, one between each verse, a break of three of them before repeat of first verse, and two, I think, for the ending. Over each section without words there are various cliched lead guitar riffs, which will be double tracked once I can play them exactly the same way each time - except the three verse break, which should have improvised diversions in places for sheer frantic effect.

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