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Jealousy (She Only Dances)

Key: Uh, G-ish, yeah, it's in G. The first refrain is C-ish except it uses D major still?

Tempo: middlish... varies from a bit slow for the intro, medium choppy verse, heavy (heavier each time) refrain, and strong energetic second refrain/coda. Ending is gentle and slower again.

Guitar and sound: Acoustic base, with clean electric accents. (Can be played on Hohner LP.)

Intro: G - C repeated behind "essay", to D, to:

to G, then verse:

Main verse: G7 (10th fret, four strings) - C7 (8th fret) - G7 - D7

First Refrain: Bm - C - D - C - F - C - G - D, to intro riff.

Second Refrain/Coda: G - C repeated, with gusto, for chant

Ending: After chant ends, go to D, then:

G seventh at the tenth fret:

(this could be played "capo 3" with open 1 and 6 strings, but then the nice low F in the refrain would be lost)

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