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Impressions of a Sunset

Key: A major

Tempo: Medium, ballad like. It's a pretty song... or would be, if it wasn't so sad.

Guitar and sound: 12 string acoustic rhythm, clean electric lead, so far.

Intro: G#m (at fourth fret) x 3, A9 (fifth fret), G x 3, A (open chords unless specified); Bm x 3, C#m x 2, Bm, A, E.

Main verse: A - A - D - A - A - A - E - A, twice, with this for flavor (not on recording):


D - Bm - C#m - Bm - A - (G) - E, twice. Add this for tastiness (again, not recorded so far):

Bridge: Bm - F#m setup, one measure each of E and C#m, twice, F#m - Bm to get back out.

Ending: After last chorus, simply repeat first line and stop (let guitar(s) ring out.

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