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Key: A (kind of...)

Tempo: Medium

Guitar and sound: Big fat grungy distortion, with clarity for raqnge of notes in chords though. I sold the guitar that played this best...


    Undistorted chords, strummed gently once for each line. A - F - G - E
    Then gently play the four notes in the middle of E7 at the fifth fret four times, getting a little louder each time.
    Then carefully step on that mustard colored box switch and kick into the refrain chords, to set up the first verse. (this is actually done with several separate guitar tracks on the recording)

Main verse: Barre chords, with 6-7-6 little fingered on the fifth string. Try to keep the bass pulse going. A - F - G - E again. The E "walks" up, ending on A chord notes when another verse is coming, ending on E at the seventh fret to set up the refrain.

Refrain: It's a classic - up IV for the chorus! D - Bb - C - A. There is a half beat stoppover at C on the way from D to Bb, and at B between Bb and C. The C is played off beat, and the ring finger keeps lifting to expose Bb between beats. The final A keeps going on the third string up to the A note, setting up finger placement for the A barre chord of the next verse.

Ending: Starts with the last line of the last verse. Leave the E7 chord ringing after the first beat, while desperately trying to count to eight. Then play these notes on the first string: E - F - G, F - G - A, G - A - E (second string for the E), rebuild the A7 barre chord while that E note is ringing out (and counting to four?) and give me a nice big fat A7 for the last chord.

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