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Notes about "(You're Not Here to) Forgive"

Back in early March 2018, as a friend who had lost her husband who suffered from depression to suicide were comparing notes about our grieving processes, during one telephone conversation she mentioned that she just wished he were still around so she could be mad at him for some dumb little thing.

One thing led to another, as it always does in the echo chamber of my mind, and this was what resulted.

While I tend to think of it as the "simplest" song on the project, it does pretty much abuse every chord in A Major. But that is mostly because I wrote a bridge for it. Otherwise, it's one of my typical three-chord romps.

And, yes, I was going through a rather high-energy "anger" phase at the time!

Also, in case it isn't clear: per the main page disclaimer, this is fiction. I made some of it up.

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