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Key: C (really!)

Tempo: Medium fast.

Guitar and sound: It was the hollow body, I think, that inspired the basic refrain riff, but almost any guitar will work. A hard, thick sound, driving, not too distorted though. You lose the beauty of the melody...


    E (open) - Eb (6th fret) x 2
    Bb (6th fret) - Eb (6th)
    G (barre at 3) - F (barre at 1)

First Refrain:

    It's just C5 and G5, at the third frets. The index finger is lifted on the 3 1/2 beat to create an "exposed check" from the A and E string, respectively (the 6th note of the chord, but low). Only play the 1,2,3,3 1/2, 4 and 4 1/2 beats.

Main verse: All downstrokes, F5 - G5 - F5 - G5, one chord per line.

Second Refrain: C5 - G5 - C5 - G5, but not like the first refrain - more like a hard hitting, off beat, all downstrokes emphasizing the beat of the words (on the "ands", not the numbers?), then Bb - Eb - F - G (like second half of intro).

Structure: Intro - R1 - (V - R2 - R1) x 4 - insert solo over some extra chunk of this - on last R1 cut in half - Ending

Ending: hell, if I get this far it's usually too late to worry about seeing if I have it written down! Four heavy beats on each of these chords, except the last, three chops: "1," "and," "2."

C - F - Bb - G
Eb - Ab - Db - FFF

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