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Key: Bb

Tempo: Fast - perhaps too fast - shuffle

Guitar and sound: Works well with the Hohner LP copy and medium distortion. A nice song for good ole guitar boogie drive under it. make an effort to play only downstrokes, even though the temptation is there to get funky on the refrain...

Intro: ("A" shape barre chords):

    d - d ddd - dddd
Then kick into the shuffle at the V, at the 13th fret.

Main verse: Four B flats, two E flats, two B flats, F, Eb, and about five beats of Bb to an Eb-E-F slide. In other words, a typical blues/rockabilly chord progression.

Chorus: repeat intro riff.

Guitar solo: played over verse structure, but straight to V - IV - I turnaround (no riff)

Ending: Hmmm. I think it just ends after the last chorus, maybe with a return to a final I chord (Bb). It could also be cropped earlier, simply ending with the last line ("Young men die for old men's dreams - is that what we call wise?!" Open to suggestion...

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