Random Thoughts

"waves of memory"

at the shore I found a rock
it reminded me of you
I remembered joy, but felt these pains
and shed a tear or two

its jagged edges cut my skin
it was much too rough to hold
then a wave came crashing by
and pushed me with its cold

soon enough it was lost to sight
I was protected by the tide
I walked away with a fragile face
while darkness swirled inside

* * *

another day when the waters ebbed
I came again upon this place
softened a bit and worn by time
the sands had changed your face

the blood was washed and gone away
the sharp facets were rehewn
but their coarse cleavages revealed
agonies I thought were through

to my relief the depths flowed back
obscuring swirls my hurt did churn
solace returned in its foggy way
allowing me some life to learn

* * *

since then twice I've seen that sward
each time the landmarks change
patiently the moon and sands
have my memories re-arranged

the years still force my sad return
to see this polished stone
the sun breaks on waves so far away
and I rest my lonesome bones

our lives are full of things like these
the tides that slowly change our minds
there's joy and hope and scars to heal
and waves of memory left behind


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