Random Thoughts


        bombs, bombs, bombs away
        don't let the children go out to play

        thunder and lightning in the sky
        not a cloud in sight and I don't know why

        war, war, it's war again
        they say one of us killed one of them

        well was it I or was it you?
        why must we die, for what others do?

        cry, cry, cry we must
        for strangers bleeding in the dust

        so many fields we cannot sow
        they are full of stones about to blow

        we only need to get by in life
        but men with guns... have raped my wife

        why, why, why do they maim?
        unknown children: ask their names!

        bombs, bombs, bombs away
        I so wish they'd go, and stay away

        the death of many, for so few
        who does it help? Not me or you.

        10/8/01 - 2 AM

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