Random Thoughts

The Wake

      at the wake there were tears
      and the shadows of laughter
      for it was the happy memories
      that made them sad

      in black and white they all stood
      and filed quietly past the casket
      each one cherishing some moment
      that they privately held dear

      colors faded by time's long passing
      yet still vivid in their hearts
      crystallized into anguish now
      that there would be no more

      one more smile; one more dance
      just one more moment somehow lost
      they all really mourned for the same thing
      to have him back again...

      at the wake there were tears
      both dried and wet, quiet and overheard
      behind black lace and starched masks
      cried the parts of them that lived through him

      10/16/03 - 7 AM

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© Huw Powell

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