Random Thoughts


furniture creaks under the weight of clothes it held long ago
mirrors moan at each other in the dark about what they've seen
smoke struggles to escape through a crumbling chimney
windows bang in the wind and the roof clanks in the heat

life has got so upside down, bats have taken over the garden
wasps colonize the old hole in the wall by the back door
crickets play symphonies of love to the boiler leaking fumes
dragonflies sun themselves on anything that sticks up anywhere

skunks crawl around shrubs looking for some old friend
chipmunks build a vacation home under old hemlock boughs
raccoons climbing walls with their four smart-ass hands
two porcupines nibble the bark of a quaking aspen

butterflies won't come near this place any more -
the cat's chased or eaten all the birds but a crow or two
spiders in the living room couch - how did they get so fat
toad in the kitchen - how did it get in here?

I've been invaded - or am I the one who's out of place?
the wind taps on the window, I jump up to count the moon
hide me from the strange voices on the unplugged radio
help me figure out if I am alone or overcrowded here


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© Huw Powell

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