Random Thoughts


  • It's what's for dinner.
  • It's why old people eat prunes.
  • Available as always in the traditional bricks, and now, in the new convenient dip.
  • Like mud, but smells worse.
  • Not just to throw at monkeys anymore.
  • Priceless!
  • A gift for junkies and bulemics.
  • Goes great with grins, but a special treat indeed with a side of giggles.
  • On a shingle or on a stick, still the same great taste!
  • It... happens.
  • Now floral scented, for the ladies.
  • A classic meal when fresh, makes a great snack when reheated.
  • And now, to complement the familiar 4.5 oz. and 8 oz. sizes, the all-new 16 oz. family pack!
  • The only axiom an inference needs.
  • Should be wiped off OpEd columns before submission if they were pulled out of the writer's ass.
  • Just like ice cream, only... CR031058564.
  • Now in new bite size servings - for when you're on the run.
  • Mmmm, that's some real good...

2/6/05 (while asleep)

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