Random Thoughts


        so are you still carrying those scars
        around, to guard you from new trouble?
        you still bring that pain out when
        I suggest trading hearts for clubs?

        do you still try always not to do
        that same thing?

        whichever or whoever it was that you mourn
        you know temptation never hides
        it only wears less fashionable clothes,
        voice, or some other cheap disguise

        what is that fear you are wielding
        that you refuse to leave with me?
        did you have other plans, was there
        somewhere else, you were supposed to be?

        and are you still carrying those scars
        to remind yourself?

        temptation never walks away, it
        just puts on another face
        and will your scars remind you
        of how that excitement tastes?


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© Huw Powell

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