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Propaganda v. Information

It is far easier to generate propaganda than to promote and disseminate the truth.

This is basically because the propagandist has no constraints of honesty, consistency, decency, or even humanity, They only seek to twist opinions and even worldviews to their ends, by any means at hand.

The merchant of reality or truth, however, is bound by, well, reality. They cannot exagerrate or oversimplify, they can't use metaphor or simile, they are limited to clearly expressing the truth as far as we can know it at any given moment.

The propagandist can simply present and substitute lies for evidence, insinuations for syllogisms, and bias and corruption for bona fide communication.

It is bad enough that their message "travels halfway around the world", as Twain said, before the "truth has its boots on", but that message is also not constrained by any recognized boundaries, either physical or metaphysical.

The modern right wing movement gave up on presenting a coherent "conservative" politics or set of positions when they realized it was easier to gain and hold power through direct deception, emotional manipulation, transparently flawed logic, feeding cognitive biases, and, in general, propaganda.


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