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How is it that as a superpower, as a hegemonic empire, we (the U.S.A., that is) can with impunity require our vassal satellites (most of the rest of the world) to adopt our economic assumptions, our banking systems, our monetary policy theories, but not any of our acts of social balance that are the only thing that justify our economic system within our borders?

I propose that a tariff be required on every imported product or service that contains labor (or social content in general) that was purchased at below our minimum wage, to bring the labor cost of those goods up to our minimum standard. I also propose a similar tariff calculated based on the environmental differential cost. This is to negate the lower prices possible when goods are produced in a low labor cost and in a poorly regulated environmental territory.

The intent is not to raise revenue (that which is raised should be devoted to humanitarian purposes, elevating the poor somewhere to a livable standard) but to eliminate the price differential due to wage slavery and toxic pollution, and encourage our "territories" to enact reasonable social and environmental policies such as we have found fit to enjoy.

I also propose a worldwide trade embargo, enforced by our magnificent "two major war" armed forces, preventing the flow of any goods that are being transferred without this "equalization" tariff. Let's use our strength to do something useful!

So called "free trade" can go to hell until the serfs get paid, and can breathe their air and drink their water.

5/16/01 in the car in the afternoon

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