Random Thoughts

I am for capitalism, in theory and as far as in practise it makes the meeting of basic human needs more efficient
I think the labor movement could reduce the need for social welfare programs if it were ever legal
I am for so-called national health "insurance"
I am for free high quality public education but not the ubitiquitisation of low quality college degrees
I think we should pay our teachers better than corporate officers
I think we should have some basic level of personal welfare as a floor for everyone, not a "dole" but a sacrosanct survival package so those who cannot or must not participate in the economy can still live, and so those temporarily ejected from it do not lose all they have worked for.

I feel it should be obvious to us all that the condition of our environment is always more important than a business venture.

I think there are too many of us on this planet - and that with better educational, economic, and reproductive choices, our population may finally start to decrease a bit. I hope.

It is not capitalism and democracy that confer upon you your freedom and privacy. They in fact serve merely to hide them and restrict them to their demands.

11/26/99 (and later additions)

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