Random Thoughts

little girl
        you come here as just a little girl,
        but you cannot play around
        you wish you had some nice soft grass
        like your brothers have worn down

        everyone has rules for you
        you don't get to make your own
        they treat themselves like royalty
        while you have to play alone

        they give you everything they want
        and expect you to be overjoyed
        you crawl around the darker corners
        trying out some boys

        now everything comes with price tags
        you have no choice but to owe
        so you dream all day of freedom
        with nothing left to show

        all the bosses lecture you
        on days they have to vent
        you do your job but I don't know why
        you just refuse to quit

        You feel like you're surviving
        like some single blade of grass
        in the middle of some parking lot
        pushing up through a tiny crack

        and any moment some tire could come
        and wipe out all you've built
        without even knowing who you are
        or caring how you felt

        9/5/97 - 3 AM

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