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"Give the Jews a chunk of Texas"
(a/k/a move Israel to Baja)


The main one is the basic resolution of the Arab/Israeli "war," the sources of which will never be removed as long as they must live cheek by jowl. Unfortunately, too many of these populations have a deep and abiding hatred of each other's races and religions.

The Jews are a nomadic tribe, wandering the planet as charged by their God until they find their "promised land," thence to rebuild Jerusalem and their Temple (at which time their Messiah will come?).

America is the promised land

America can not only afford to give up the land, but can afford the incredible costs associated with this one-time long term resolution of a 5,000 year old conflict.

American Jews can drive to Jerusalem for seder next year!

The New Israel will need no extraordinary national defense measures if situated in the New World "under America's wing" as it were.

Tremendous savings in "foreign" and military aid to the U.S. after the one-time moving costs are borne. (still far cheaper than the S&L crisis to the taxpayer, and yields a tangible result...)


Land area equal to or greater than historical, middle eastern Israel

Climate similar to middle east - so traditional crops and animals may be grown

Likewise, similar geography - some coastline, a river nearby...

Move all of Jerusalem (and other hallowed ruins) to the new land. Leave behind the parts that are holy shrines of Islam, and probably Christianity, too.

(This includes digging up the deepest buried ruins of the old temples and transporting them and re-laying them intact in the new lands)

A scholarly interpretation of Torah which justifies and even predicts this migration will be necessary, of course.


Perception of anti-Semitism (why the Jews and not the Palestinians?)

Cost (see above, though)

Relocation of current inhabitants (try to pick a sparsely populated area)

Resistance of those who associate the land with their heritage, and not the Jews' true heritage: their books and rich culture, their tradition of mobility, and of course their desire to live freely and peacably.

Schemes to make it work:

Establish an "American Kibbutz" (after annexing Baja!), and pass a bill to pay for the relocation of any Jew, anywhere, anytime, for any reason to this place.

Do not let the secret out of the bag (the long term goal).


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