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Recipe, meal, menu and grocery shopping planning software!

You simply pick from a deep cache of recipes to build a menu for as much time as you like (from one meal through, say, ten days ahead). You tell it how many people you want to feed at each meal, and what time you want to serve them. Alternatively you can pick the amount you want to make, for instance, four quarts of marinara. The software then makes you a shopping list from which you remove items you already have before or after printing.

When you have stocked up, you tell it also, in cases where it matters, what is fresh, what is refrigerated, and what is frozen.

The program then adds actual times of day to do the various steps in your recipes, which can stay in the machine or be printed out. Included are also times to start defrosting any frozen items.

You can add any recipes you want with an easy interface, which also allows adding ingredients that may not be in its files. Brand preferences and prices can also be inserted in any ingredient file, to make shopping even easier, and to plan your food budget.

It will also generate a shopping list (which can be reduced before printing) from a "random" menu, in other words, you tell it a bunch of things you want to make this week, and it lists what you need without knowing when you want to make them.

Also, at any time, you can call up any recipe, tell it when you want to either have it ready or start cooking, and it puts real times in so you can plan.



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