Random Thoughts


      They told you to look both ways to cross the street;
      and the security and warmth made you happy.

      They told you to be nice to your younger sister -
      and her love and admiration made you happy.

      They told you to study hard, and you did;
      and then the grades and honors made you happy.

      They suggested you should play a sport, and
      the exertion and teamwork made you happy!

      They said to go to college and get ahead.
      Your good job, it made you happy.

      They all said to find a man and love him well...
      The effort in understanding even made you happy.

      Now they say to get married and make some babies -
      and spinning the web of life has kept you happy...

      So what would you have done with all those years
      If they hadn't been there to tell you what to do?


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