Random Thoughts

Freedom of thought is absolute. The right to think anything at all must never be limited by the thinker, or the world. As soon as you limit your imagination you cease to be free. The privacy of your mind is your own universe. This is also known as freedom of conscience.

Freedom of speech is almost absolute. I hate limiting it at all, but certain speech can lead so directly to harm for others it must be considered to be some sort of crime - but only if it does lead to such harm (no prior restraint or "what if scenario" punishments)

Freedom of action shall be limited by the boundary at which another person's freedom of action, speech, or thought will be equally intruded on by yours. In other words, no individual freedom shall be permitted that reduces anothers freedom below the point at which yours is being exercised. (This is why thought is absolutely free and speech almost so). The classic humorous statement of this concept is "your freedom ends when your fist reaches my nose".

Freedom is the ultimate social good, by which all else shall be measured after the animal needs are met.


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