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The Fields... of Passion

What are these fields of passion? Well, it is a reference to a metaphor I sometimes think or speak of when describing the complexity of the sexual/sensual pleasures that can be explored by people enjoying each other intimately.

I come back to writing this after a nice hot bubble bath, with some judiciously applied oils.

Picture, if you will, a field... a rather large field, in fact it stretches out of sight. Perhaps it is bounded by an old stone wall, tumbling a bit in places and covered here and there with lichens and sprawling rugosa roses. An entrance, a place through the wall, is before you, and beckons with a gentle tug at your blood, your mind, your imagination.

There are other passages in and out of this field, scattered here and there, and to pass through them in either direction is to experience a quiver of delight, a quick thrill of discovery or cathartic release.

This field is special, for it exists only for you, when you are alone, or only and uniquely for you and a lover when you are together. In it there are countless wonderful things, streams, hills, small caves, trees and flowers... this field, and your shared fields, are the landscape of your loving passions.

Most men early on discover some simple, direct route or routes from an entrance to an exit, which in some ways maximizes their pleasure for the amount of energy and time expended. This is because the source or focus of their sexual drives and needs, well, hangs in front of them where it is easy to explore. They learn how to get from point A to point B with relatively little fuss...

Typically the routes first learned by women are a little (or a lot) more complex: one, because their pleasurable surfaces are more concealed and mysterious, and two, because they are so sadly conditioned not to explore them.

A man or a woman may wander into their solitary field and simply enjoy the passage of time there, in erotic play, with no goal of leaving or acheiving any specific task. They may run eagerly to the way in and head for the way out as fast as they can. There is no right or wrong way to play here, it is best to enjoy one's pleasures in one's own ways and times.

The field that is shared is a little bit different, since the ways and times of another person are involved. The landscape will be much more complex, and also partly unfamiliar, since it is filled with not only as yet unknown aspects of your partners sensuality, but the fascinating and uniquely special components that are the product of mingling yourself with them.

There may be high, unpassable barriers due to unhappy events in ones past, there may be well worn paths of delight. Discovering and uncovering these together can range anywhere from intensely pleasurable to insanely difficult. No matter what, it is almost certain to be passionate!

Learning the ways of your fields of passion can be dificult or easy, but should always be pleasant, and, I hope, will always be rewarding. All aspects of your life can come together in this process.

Managing your life's stresses and joys to contribute to ready access to your pleasure. It is important to know how to keep your mind arranged so that the things that will get on your nerves, make it difficult to get lost in your fields, can be let go of easily enough to prevent them from interfering in your intimacies. Your joys, while an obvious source of excitement and celebration, still must be addressed in such a way as to enhance rather than replace your passions.

What you can learn from other people is also interesting. There are most certainly going to be times when another person opens doors for you, introduces you to parts of yourself you previously did not even suspect existed. What I have found much more worth relating, however, is that you can learn from what is actually in another person. His or her ways and experience of pleasure are quite likely to be a reasonably good template for similar processes in yourself. This is because, in spite of our uniqueness and individual personality and bodies, we share in common with just about everybody else almost identical nervous systems - the network on which these sensations are played out.

Thus if a certain series of touches, a certain way about them, excites and inflames someone else, it is very possible that a similar chain of sensations will provide me with some similar sort of pleasure. It is in this way that I have learned probably the most about my own sensuality and sexuality by reading books written by women, about women, for women. I have learned a lot about myself, and not just about pleasing others, by listening to my lovers' tales of what sorts of pleasures they delight in and how they got there.

5/12/01 (I can't remember if this is finished yet or not...)

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