Random Thoughts


Are you... afraid?
Afraid to die?

Afraid your children will get sick?

Are you afraid of car crashes?
Afraid you can't pay your bills?

Are you afraid?

Are you afraid of black, brown, yellow, white people?
Are you afraid of strangers?

Are you afraid?
Afraid to die?

Are you afraid of blackouts?
Afraid you'll be late to work?
Afraid to fall in love?
Are you afraid of pain?
Are you afraid of hunger?
Afraid your children will use the drugs you tried?

Are you afraid of billy clubs?
Afraid of book burners?
Afraid of being told what to do,
To say,
To think?

Are you afraid of car repairs?
Afraid to lose your job?
Afraid of being different?

Are you... afraid?
Afraid to die?
Has your life been so empty
You are afraid to let it go?

11/4/03 - 5 AM

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