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Corner Store, Inc.

Corner Store Inc. will be a new and different kind of franchise chain.

Using the deep resources and methods of typical franchise operations, it will completely turn on its head the conventional uniformity and strip mall rapacity of its predecessors.

All Corner Stores will be built, with zoning variances, in residential neighborhoods. On corners. (In larger cities, ground level and second floor space in larger buildings is also permitted)

While the floor plans should be similar enough to take advantage of modern mass construction cost savings, no two will look alike. (They may be ugly, but at least they are original!)

All Corner Stores will be built with housing space for one partly extended family.

Franchise prices will be kept low, as eligibility is also narrowly restricted. The Franchisee will be considered to own 49% of the business, while perhaps only investing 20% of its cost.

Franchises may not be sold, unless to another who meets the restrictions. Franchises may, however, be bequeathed to children who intend to live on the premises and run the Corner Store, even if they do not meet all requirements.

Franchisees may only operate one Corner Store.

Items for sale should vary by locality, and will typically include beer, cigarettes, lottery tickets, light groceries and miscellaneous sundries. Franchisees are highly encouraged to sell local produce and goods, and to operate delicatessen-style snack counters.

Corner Store Franchisees are required to work at least 80% of the hours their store is open, in a customer service aspect of the business - unless they employ two adult children who each meet this requirement.

While market saturation has the danger of diluting individual store sales, the minimum distance from another Corner Store will be kept small, in keeping with the concept that people should walk to their Corner Store, not drive. A range of one mile (1.6 km) or so seems like an appropriate minimum, in a moderately densely built area.


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