Random Thoughts

      I believe in letting people be;
      and what pleasure they bring to me
      is richer for springing from their will

      but when from me a lot you ask
      and I feel the rewards might be worth the task
      what few things I need in return, I'll tell

      if you offer them in error or in lies
      promises made, unsure, by your heart untried
      their collapse will be a shock, a nasty truth

      you've grown so used to my patience now,
      you might have expected me to know just how
      to recover no matter what you put me through

      but can you really expect me to do all this -
      to heal over and over again with just a kiss?
      when what I asked of you so clearly was denied

      you are still free to be yourself;
      but I cannot help you fuel this fire
      any longer; the soft and giving me has died

      11/6/01 - 3 AM

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