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america0 why we are at war 3/23/03
america3 terrorism: I'm still angry, and getting angrier... 12/4/01
america6 why is America not a revolutionary country? 11/26/99
america8 is the past behind us or not? 4/7/03
bill of rights4 oh sweet freedom, how best to protect you? 11/4/01
capital6 economic meddling in the former Soviet republics 10/18/00
fear1 a short note about complacency 12/1/99
homeland as if the world needs more sixties peace stuff 3/21/04
hunger2 half a loaf is better... 4/24/03
news1 a little 'current events' reality check 11/4/01
northern eyes a song about war from ruins 7/9/97
oilwar1 the first 'made for TV' war provokes my dissent 2/6/91
oilwar2 dissent is more frustrating when it is in the majority 3/19/03
peace ...I'm tired of writing about war 1/8/04
peace1 give it a chance 10/22/01
peace2 I guess this qualifies as sarcasm 12/26/02
polisci2 an essay on aggression among humans 4/19/99
polisci22 the assymmetry of symmetrical policy assumptions 1/31/07
polisci6 what is 'self government?' 5/4/01
revolution a few riffs on a phrase or two from poverty1 11/26/99
stillborn a short but powerful prose poem 1/9/00
terror1 a day that will echo for a long, long time 9/11/01
unbelief a little poem about the sentimentalisation of war 1/9/00
village song about perspective from ruins 9/23/04
war I could stop writing these, yes, I would like that... 10/8/01
war1 who would Jesus kill? 4/8/03
war2 support the troops? 4/17/03
war3 another one of those poems about war 8/05/03
war4 about assymetries in war 8/14/06
war 2003 3 19 this war is insane, with rebuttal 3/19/03
war 2003 3 20 patriotism is the last refuge 3/20/03
war 2003 3 21 fight the real terrorists 3/21/03
war 2003 3 22 ignore the war 3/22/03
war 2003 4 03 high crimes and misdemeanors 4/3/03
war 2003 4 13 a new motto for America? 4/13/03
we have won a poem about war and glory (unknown)
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