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7525 a simple issue of focus 1/22/03
alone a song about loss from ruins 6/7/98
are you ready a poem about sex, I suppose 7/6/00
autumn a little happy seasonal relief 9/6/03
brain The brain is an organ 8/4/16
breathe just another love poem 7/14/01
broken1 an overview of the pain of losing love 8/1/00
broken2 bamboo analogy: the process of healing 8/2/00
couples1 about the myths of commitment 8/1/00
crash a poem... 3/13/01
dating1 some problems with our courtship rituals 8/13/00
emotion5 those complicated chemicals in your brain 9/5/01
eukaryotic an odd little poem 6/8/02
faq Frequently Asked Questions 6/23/05
fields an analogy for sexual exploration 5/12/01
gender1 a radical view of men and women I hold very dear 8/1/00
good love a good old fashioned blues from ruins 3/8/02
impressions a song about loss from ruins 9/12/96
inequality it keeps life interesting 3/16/04
jealousy a song (formerly She Only Dances) from ruins 8/25/95
juvenilia Stylistic ramblings in pottery land 10/1/14
kisses a little poem 7/31/00
lemonfishbutter a song about requited lust from ruins 12/29/94
lighthouse A poem from the eye of the storm 12/6/17
love0 preparing yourself for intimacy - and life 8/2/00
love1 pure love flows through all without aim... 7/13/00
love10 excitement provokes personal emotional cycles 3/27/01
love11 strategy? 5/2/01
love12 a castle, a cage, and a shack 5/14/01
love13 negotiation and vulnerability 5/14/01
love14 diverse relationships and their value 5/30/01
love15 just another rant about our myths and dreams 10/25/01
love16 a few sideways glances at mistakes and pain 8/30/00
love17 why do we want love? 6/6/02
love19 just getting by 1/7/03
love2 why is love so disruptive? 6/26/00
love21 extreme measures best kept in reserve 3/25/03
love22 a little discursion on what love is 11/27/03
love23 Change versus growth 8/3/17
love3 a little bit about the pitfalls of new love 11/25/99
love4 a piece of the puzzle as I was reawakening 10/13/99
love5 an exploration of male sensitivity in our culture 7/7/00
love6 love at a distance 2/8/00
love7 the mythology of love must be changed 8/1/00
love8 some weird stuff about getting to know someone 8/14/00
love9 what do your failures have in common? 8/13/00
lovers waltz a song about loss from ruins 5/5/97
men a short indirect parody of sexist attitudes 7/25/00
miss you another little poem... 9/3/01
moonlight a song about loss from ruins 6/5/98
nightslips Slipping into the night 10/9/17
nobody knows a song about neurotic fixation 9/2/97
not alone reversal of fortune can be a good thing 1/19/03
otherpeopleisms a few things that made me chuckle 5/22/05
privacy1 just a few simple words 12/2/99
profile eh, what kind of person would you like to meet? 1/21/03
prometheus a harsh and tragic outburst of ego 1/21/03
questions2 interviewing versus actually being with 8/17/03
scars letting the past drown the present 8/16/03
sex1 about male roles and repression 7/31/00
sex2 the void in our sexual mores 8/14/00
sex3 for healthy sex... 8/12/00
sex4 some farcical looks at supply and demand 8/28/00
sex5 sex without meaning is... 3/18/01
sex7 evolutionary gender discriminations 5/26/02
sex8 erotica 6/14/02
sex9 pornographica 7/1/02
somebody elses well a song about infidelity from ruins 7/7/98
stay stay with me in the twinkle of my eye 1/19/03
time3 a little relativistic contrast 11/28/03
touch me a poem, probably part of a suite 4/20/02
trust this was an instrumental song from ruins 12/11/02
waiting waiting for results: a poem about love and death 10/19/01
waves a poem about healing 7/15/02
women a two part parody of sexist attitudes (unknown)
you a little love-type poem 8/21/02
you must be crazy a song about habit from ruins June 98
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