1 March 2021http://www.humanthoughts.org/northern_eyes.htm© Huw Powell
Northern Eyes

        Northern eyes
        Let in too much tomorrow
        the bones and the flies
        staring blankly at your sorrow

        Northern eyes
        weary and weathered by the winter
        live for the cold light
        in darkness touch the silent horror

          pale blue eyes
          that once watched you
          walking away
          in those lonely shoes

        Northern eyes
        steal your soul like a religion
        trade your wonder for lies
        and you'll have nothing left to dream on

        Northern eyes
        keeping times oldest secret
        dreading desire
        until another plague will sweep us

          repeat bridge

        Northern eyes
        too much truth is torture
        investigations in sight
        invisible motives for a million murders

        Northern eyes
        fear the fruit of funeral flowers
        harvesting the blight
        a rule of eighty thousand hours

        Northern eyes
        Northern eyes
        Northern eyes

        7/9/97 - 3 AM

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