4 March 2021http://www.humanthoughts.org/love22.htm© Huw Powell

Love brings pain, love brings torment, love brings terrible unknowns, yet love also brings an essential ingredient of life.

Love enters through our body, and through it another person becomes part of our mind.

Love may lap up against your shore, but the only way to swim in it is to dive in fully.

Love is the sunlight of emotions - to avoid it, to run from it, to hide, is to live in a perpetual twilight at best.

Love is the medicine and the poison, depending on how and where and with whom you take it.

Love is a tunnel or channel, not a solid object, you must first let it open up inside of yourself, and then allow whatever comes to you to flow through it. In doing this, you truly let life, and the lives of others, touch you.

Love can leave you ragged and tormented, unable to speak or feel - but if love matters to you, it will once again offer to rise and shine upon, within, and through you. It is most vital to be ready to recognize its face when it looks into your darkened cell again.

Love will even offer itself to those who do not know it, or do not want it. It costs love nothing to do this, for it is how love reproduces itself, to simply rely upon the exponential increase possible when people allow its light to shine on them.

Love is an intimacy with your self... we fall in love with those with whom we can only be that intimate self.