26 May 2020http://www.humanthoughts.org/firearms.htm© Huw Powell
On Fetishizing Firearms

The position that "gun regulations will reduce violence" is not a "false belief," as I read it described today. It is an empirically proven fact.

I'm sorry to have to point this out yet again, but the apologists for murder are operating in a fact-free and logic-free zone. This means that as soon as they try to move past talking points and struggle to develop an "argument" for their position, they immediately start proving themselves wrong.

Because of the ramifications of this issue (murder and mayhem - the opposite of civilization), until they come to their senses, sadly, their basic humanity is in doubt.

Let me rephrase that, and in the second person:

If you think that arguing for the position that firearms are good for America has any logical or factual support, part of your mind is being subordinated to the worst kind of vileness possible in a human being. And I hope the better facets of your nature triumph. In the meantime, you do further damage to your self - your soul, if I may speak metaphorically - with every thought you expend to defend machines designed for murder being freely and publicly available.

So, when I refer to an apologist for murder - a firearm proponent - as "vile scum" to their face, I am not insulting them. I am simply describing them.