3 April 2020http://www.humanthoughts.org/counterpoint.htm© Huw Powell

I want a place to be warm
a place to call my own
where I can keep my music
and safely rest my thoughts

I want an everlasting road
for motion is meaning: my madness
I cannot sit still forever
to run free is only natural

I want to eat, though, anywhere
and it would be nice to wear a coat
in winter's bleak and windy stare
so I must work - or grow my own

I don't want to cry so I can't be alone
wandering sole, with no companion
She must both fly - and - share my home
can you cook - I don't care - just attend my ears

What benefactor shall I please -
What men of the world will buy my lies?
or shall I find fine counts to tease
my salary metered by their opened eyes?

America! Can you find a place for me...
where I shall not rot hollow or seep shallow?
Your roads stretch past endless horizons
but do any lead to a place where I can grow?

308/79 (11/4/79)