6 March 2021http://www.humanthoughts.org/breathe.htm© Huw Powell

        I found some stars in the dark night sky
        that make me feel you warm and near
        a few were shaped like a quiet smile
        some were crinkled just like your ears

        I saw a cloud float by today
        soft and full it was like your eyes
        they never seem so sweet as when
        they rest and linger meeting mine

        It rained and blew and soaked my world
        making wetness on the darkened ground
        and when it passed a rainbow came -
        remember the one that we once found?

        The grass was bent in the wind today
        a soft caress of the gentle air
        I thought of you, your arms around me
        and all the love we dared to share

        7/14/01 - 3 AM

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