Wet July

Daylilies' daily surprises
A cardinal poses, treetops in the sun
The weeds I didn't cut in April
Mock my height with growth near done

Explosions in the night
Herald the warm peaks
Fire flies inside our minds
Where the heat is what we seek

The heat comes, the heat goes
The air is so heavy I cannot pass
The rains come, the rain goes
Instead of dew drops, fog rises in warm grass

Nights too warm to cool things off
The only thing is to enjoy the sweat
A fan might help just move it around
All I know is July has been wet, wet, wet

Summer is for the happy kinds of dirty:
Don't trust anyone over the age of thirty.


The fifth of five.
March Snow
Cold April
May Flowers
June Nights

© Huw Powell
printed 21 February 2024

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