Those Boots

I'm standing here minding my business
taking the time of the day
When all on a sunbeam, look who walks in
and what have you come here to play?
If I hear
One more eight-ball drop like that

I'll have to get out my
silver-studded, blue-tattooed
snakeskin rhinestone

I'm over here minding my business
I'm not really sure what to say
But I've never
seen a skirt as short as yours

(And I've got to get out my...)

I'm sitting here quietly minding my business
keeping my head down like this
But I've never
tasted a smile as wide as yours

(And I'm gonna have to get out my...) - - - (brief solo)

I'm humming along, just minding my business
enjoying the music go by
And if I hear
you play my song one more time

(I'm gonna have to put on my)

Today on a sunbeam, look who walked in
and decided to change up my life
And if you
come over here one more time with your

hug-and-a-kiss while

You tell me to take off your
thigh-high lacing, slit-skirt chasing
calfskin leather oiled

Well I'm pretty much done minding my business
here for a bit of a while

(And it's all because of my...)

And if I kiss one more crack
like that ass there oh


filename = those_boots.htm
printed 30 January 2023
© Huw Powell