Testing, 1, 2, 3...

I think that if a student (at whatever level) can write an essay on the subject of why standardized testing is irrelevant, they should be considered to have passed the test in question.

This essay must be cogent, well reasoned, and be free of grammatical or spelling errors. It must be written at least at the appropriate level of language mastery for the student's grade and/or age. It must display as much sense of history, geography, politics and the language arts as the test itself was intended to verify.

Whiny, politically correct arguments about cultural relativism must be cleary backed up with accurate facts or reasonable hypothetical examples, and show how avoiding the test will still result in the subjects gaining that which is intended, and hopefully useful, from the educational process.

An essay arguing for the validity of the test will also, of course, be accepted.


© Huw Powell
printed 21 February 2024

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