To pray is eternal. We do not have immortal souls, but when we take the soul's journey outside the light space we encounter all the time in the universe, and every crossing of this boundary that ever occurred or will occur.

Those who pray will tend to find anyone who also prays a bit familiar, for their paths have crossed without their knowledge.

In meeting those we feel we already know, we acknowledge this. It is not that we knew each other in "past lives" (there are no such things) but that we have met "out of time" which is why it feels so eerie. We have met them along with many others, who lived before or after, and shared many events over the entire light-history of the universe and even beyond, and so to meet one in the flesh is a bit of a surprise! But it means nothing personal - it is not a signal to us that we are soul mates, except that we are at least meeting someone who exercises (or has exercised - or will exercise) their soul - and that is always a good thing.

musings cobbled in the bath, 5/16/01

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printed 30 January 2023
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